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Best Vacuums for Dorm Rooms

Dorm Life

When you have a college student moving into a dorm, you are going to want them to have a proper vacuum for cleaning up messes (yes, many students DO actually vacuum…haha!) It’s funny because many times, a lot of the college students end up inheriting the old family vacuum. While this is fine to save money, many times this isn’t an option, and it’s actually best to have a more slim  and light-weight model to work with in a dorm room. This is both cheaper and more fitting for a dorm. When it’s all said […]

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How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last? The Answer

When you’re about to drop a good chunk of money on a vacuum, you naturally wonder if it will last. There is nothing good about spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner only to have it break in a few months. A good, high-quality vacuum should last for YEARS. tip: Amazon has COUPONS on vacuum cleaners! ===>>check today’s vacuum coupons here If you’re considering buying a Dyson and wondering how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last, you’re in the right place. There is some great info and things you should know from someone who has […]

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Shark Pet Perfect Vacuum – Is It Really *Perfect*?


There’s been a lot of talk about the Shark Pet Perfect as Seen on TV so I set out to find if it lives up to the hype and if it’s worth the money.  Hype or no hype, if it’s not a good pet hair vacuum, I’m not interested.  So, let’s see what I found out. There are a few models of the Shark Pet Perfect (see and models and best prices here) and while the features of each sound good, the reviews are not that good overall. Shark Bagged Pet Perfect Canister Vacuum Review […]

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Vacuum Cleaners – A Weird Obsession


I have a confession to make – I am obsessed with vacuum cleaners.  Like the quest to find the perfect pair of jeans, finding the perfect vacuum cleaner is an on-going battle and journey for information. Since I talk about vacuums so much, I figured I might as well make one blog dedicated to this weird obsession of mine.  Here I will share my other vacuum review pages, take in-depth looks at the top-rated vacuum cleaners, and give a lot of my own feedback. This should be fun!  First vacuum review coming soon, but in […]

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