Electrolux® Oxygen® Bagged Canister Vacuum Reviews

The Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum – Worth The Money?

electrolux-oxygen-canister-vacuum-reviewsSo I was reading what the reviews for the Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum are saying and learned a ton. Pretty interesting feedback and ratings! Let’s talk about why this vacuum is one of the leading pieces of equipment in its class. Here you should be able to learn what the features are of it, and also what people have been saying it is good for. This could be the answer to your problems keeping your home clean if your current vacuum doesn’t do such a good job. Read on to get up to speed about this vacuum.

Before we start tho, I have to point something out… there are TWO models of the Electrolux Oxygen vacuum cleaner.

The two models are:

Electrolux EL7062A – this is the red version and while the color is different, it’s pretty much the same as the…

Elextrolux EL6988EZX – this one is white and – almost always sold out (check current availability here).

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First Off, It’s Great For Those With Allergies!

electrolux-oxygen-canister-vacuum-reviewsThis is a great vacuum if you have allergies and need to get the various allergens out of your carpets. It has a very powerful suction feature, and that means it can pick up hair and dander without too much trouble. Not only that, but you can trust the DeepClean powerhead’s motor to help you get rid of everything that lies in the deep parts of your carpets. You generally just have to go over an area once and it will be much cleaner than it has been in the past when cleaning with other vacuums.

Top-Notch HEPA Filtration

There is a HEPA filtration system that works for you when this vacuum is cleaning. This means it can get rid of up to 99% of the allergens that are in the carpet and around your home. This vacuum is pretty much a good tool for people to have that have pets, children that bring in the outside when they come inside, and just for people that like to have a clean home overall. You will probably notice a difference in how easy you can breathe when you get this vacuum and learn how to work it.

Has a Nice, Long RETRACTABLE Cord (finally!)

Do you get tired of having a vacuum with a long cord that you have to sit there and wind up manually when you’re done with it? The Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum has a retractable cord, so you can have it out and running without having to untangle the cord and plug it in. Plus, when you are done you can just have it retract back into the vacuum, and then you can store it quickly. This is a great feature for those that don’t want to spend time trying to make sure the cord is all tied up properly for storage.

Powerful…Yet Quiet

new-electrolux-oxygen-vacuumThis vacuum is very quiet, even though it has quite a bit of power in it. No longer will you have to shout over the sound of the vacuum, or deal with it making your pets scatter to get away from the noise of it. Even when you use the vacuum on a hard surface, switching it to that feature doesn’t make it any louder than it is when it’s on carpet. A lot of the reviewers have said that you get your money’s worth with this vacuum, hence why it costs a little more than vacuums that have barely any power when compared to this one.

What About a Warranty?

There is a five year warranty that the company gives to those that buy this vacuum new. This means that if it breaks for any reason without you damaging it, the parts can be replaced or the whole vacuum can be. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that when the vacuum starts giving out on you that you get the warranty to go into action for you right away. Don’t just let it sit there and collect dust. This is a high quality vacuum, however, so the chances of it malfunctioning are slim.

Attachments That Come With It

This vacuum will come with some attachments that you can use to make cleaning your home that much easier. The dusting brush, bare floor brush, and the crevice tool can help you get into spaces that you cannot fit the vacuum into. A lot of the time you will find that some areas look a lot better when you use the tools and not just the vacuum. You can even go up high with some of these tools so you can clear out any dust or cobwebs that may be up near the ceiling in your home.

Should YOU Buy an Electrolux Oxygen Vacuum?

Get online and look carefully at all the reviews for this vacuum. Chances are, you will hear a lot of good things about it because this is a well regarded unit. When you read a review you will want to go through the various features that people like, and also find some negatives about the product so you can see if the pros outweigh the cons. It is fairly simple to find legitimate reviews, but you need to make sure that you aren’t getting duped by some of the people reviewing products. What this means is that if the person seems to have no knowledge about the product, but gives it their recommendation, they may just have been paid by someone to speak good about the product.

As always, do your own careful research – as with anything online.

Electrolux Oxygen – Great Overview Video


Taking Care of Your Electrolux Oxygen Vacuum

Try to keep your vacuum in good shape. When the unit fills up, you need to empty the bag. If you get a lot of dirt and dust on your vacuum unit, then it’s a good idea to get a cloth to clean it up with. Look in the instruction manual you get with it for more advice. If it doesn’t come with one, look up the information online just to be sure of what you need to do.

Now you have all the information needed to see if YOU should purchase the Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum. The reviews seem to be mostly positive about this vacuum, and it’s going to be a great purchase if you need a top of the line product. All you need to do is make sure you put this advice to good use and see what you come up with. There are other options as well, but if this vacuum sounds like it will do the job for you then your hunt for the right product is now done!