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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner Brands for Wood Floors (and MY Cheap Solution)

best vacuum cleaners for wood floors

I love my wood (and tile) floors, but finding the best vacuum cleaner that is lightweight AND affordable was quite a challenge! Wow, some wood floor vacuum brands are SO expensive! Below I will share what I think are the 4 best wood floor vacuum cleaners – and then I will share my VERY inexpensive solution to keeping my wood floors looking fantastic. TIP: Amazon has a great guide to the current top-rated vacuums for hardwood floors that is super helpful ==>> Read the Wood Floor Vacuum Buying Guide on Amazon Here and don’t forget […]

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Electrolux® Oxygen® Bagged Canister Vacuum Reviews


The Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum – Worth The Money? So I was reading what the reviews for the Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum are saying and learned a ton. Pretty interesting feedback and ratings! Let’s talk about why this vacuum is one of the leading pieces of equipment in its class. Here you should be able to learn what the features are of it, and also what people have been saying it is good for. This could be the answer to your problems keeping your home clean if your current vacuum doesn’t […]

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