Bad Hands? Best Vacuum and Mop to Use

best-vacuum-mop-bad-handsI have bad hands. Years on the computer have given me some carpal tunnel…. years of golfing and making bows have given me tendonitis in my hands AND in my elbows…and the years in my age have not-so-kindly started adding some beginning touches of arthritis into the mix.

Yay…just awesome, right?

Simple things like grabbing full grocery bags or pushing a grocery cart can really cause my hands to act up and be, well – pretty much useless. So, I’ve had to adapt and change the way I do things.

The biggest triggers that guaranteed me having hand pain was vacuuming and mopping.

Sheesh! Just the thought of wringing out a mop or pushing a heavy vacuum sends me straight to the Advil…lol!

Those days are over me now that I have found the perfect floor cleaning products for ME.

Over half of the main floor of my house is hard floors – hardwoods and ceramic tile. We also have 2 cats so those floors must be cleaned very regularly or else we have cat hair and kitty litter everywhere!

So here’s how I clean my floors now that doesn’t both my hands at ALL.

First, I vacuum with this wonderful, amazing, lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner from Swiffer.

best-vacuum-bad-handsIt is AMAZING! Just pop one of those Swiffer duster cloths on it, turn it on, and the cat hair and other stuff just gets gone.

The vacuum is plenty powerful for a cordless and between the vacuum part and the Swiffer dust cloth part, ALL the cat hair gets gone.

A single charge of the vacuum lasts just the perfect amount of time for me to vacuum from my laundry room down the hall and into the guest bathroom and all in the good-sized foyer…through the butler’s pantry…all in the kitchen and just starts to run out as I finish the breakfast room (which is also pretty good-sized).

Since it’s bagless, I just pop out the little container, dump it out, put it back in and then put it back to charge.

Easy peasy… and my hands LOVE me for using it!

Next, I mop.

I was using the Swiffer wet mop cloths – and they’re fine for a quick and easy simple mop, but for a good mopping, I knew I needed a “real” mop – as in water and bucket…and a real mop.

No matter what kind of “real mop” I tried, my hands would end up screaming later for it.

Then I came across this “Twist and Shout” mop.

Like you, I thought it was “gimmicky” as first, but I had to try it because I was running out of options.

O. M. Goodness!!!!! What a life changer this simple mop has been for me!

It comes with the nifty mop and the bucket. The bucket has a little white wheel area in it. You just drop the mop into the water, get it good and wet, then flip a little thing on the mop handle, drop it in the white basket wheel and push the mop handle up and down.

This causes the white basket wheel to spin..and spin the water out of the mop – like this:


No Wringing! Genius!

Yes, it works great (way better than the Swiffer Wet Jet – that just pushes dirt around). You only have to fill the bucket up maybe about 1/3 of the way with water/cleaner solution, too.

Plenty light enough for me to fill and clean out…and to carry from room to room. Plus, the mop head swivels and bends – meaning you can get under furniture! L-O-V-E!

Above all, it does a GREAT job. No streaks. REALLY cleans the floors as opposed to just moving dirt around. In fact, I was pretty surprised at just how much dirt the mop DID get!

The mop heads (you get 2) are made out of machine-washable microfiber. They really suck stuff up and after a year of having them, using them, throwing them in the washing machine, they still work great. However, if you have a bigger area or messier jobs to tackle when mopping, you can get 2 extra mop heads here for a really cheap price.

Some people complain that when you put the wet mop in the white basket, that water sprays all over when you spin it.

NOT TRUE if you’re doing it properly! You simply have to make sure ALL of the mop is in the basket. I have literally spun my mop right next to dark painted walls and have never sprayed water while spinning the mop out.

The mop handle is a little on the short side for me (I’m 5’5″), but not a big deal for me. If you’re taller than I am, you might want to get the 8″ handle extension – I hear it makes a big difference. The mop extension is only like $2 – $3 here.

Just a fun little extra fact… when the mop is dry, it makes a great dust mop when you just want to do a quick pass over your floors.

This little cordless vacuum and the Twist and Shout Mop have made a BIG difference for me and my poor little hands.

When I’m REALLY feeling frisky (or I just watched an episode of “Hoarders” – which ALWAYS makes me clean!), I’ll go one extra step and sterilize my floors with my wonderful steam mop (LOVE it!).

I never thought that 2 silly “As Seen on TV” type of gadgets would help me with my housekeeping so much, but wow, these really did!

If you have bad hands….or know someone who does or is older or has any type of limitations like arthritis, please give these two products a try.

By the way, if you’re actually looking for great lightweight carpet vacuums for seniors (or those with bad hands), I listed those out here.

Hope this helps!

Oh, and don’t forget to check everyday at the coupons Amazon has for vacuums and other floor care items – they can save you a bunch off of Amazon’s already low prices.

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