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Shark vs Dyson – Which Vacuum is Better? (results)

dyson vs shark best

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners vs Shark Vacuum Cleaners – Can We Finally Get a Winner? Purchasing a top quality vacuum cleaner can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Who wants to spend ALL that money on a vacuum only to find out the vacuum cleaner is a piece of junk? We sure don’t! Just want to know which vacuum WE think is best? ==>> This vacuum cleaner is our winner Since you’re here, you already know how very important it is to do some ‘due diligence’ before choosing between a Shark or Dyson vacuum cleaner. You need to […]

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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner Brands for Wood Floors (and MY Cheap Solution)

best vacuum cleaners for wood floors

I love my wood (and tile) floors, but finding the best vacuum cleaner that is lightweight AND affordable was quite a challenge! Wow, some wood floor vacuum brands are SO expensive! Below I will share what I think are the 4 best wood floor vacuum cleaners – and then I will share my VERY inexpensive solution to keeping my wood floors looking fantastic. TIP: Amazon has a great guide to the current top-rated vacuums for hardwood floors that is super helpful ==>> Read the Wood Floor Vacuum Buying Guide on Amazon Here and don’t forget […]

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How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last? The Answer

When you’re about to drop a good chunk of money on a vacuum, you naturally wonder if it will last. There is nothing good about spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner only to have it break in a few months. A good, high-quality vacuum should last for YEARS. tip: Amazon has COUPONS on vacuum cleaners! ===>>check today’s vacuum coupons here If you’re considering buying a Dyson and wondering how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last, you’re in the right place. There is some great info and things you should know from someone who has […]

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