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Best Vacuums for the Elderly

buying a vacuum for the elderly

Vacuuming can be quite a chore for the elderly – especially if arthritis or another medical condition is in the picture.   Whether you are searching for a vacuum for yourself, or for a loved senior citizen, it’s important to keep a lot of things in mind. Let’s face it, when you’re getting up there in years, you don’t want to lug around a heavy vacuum all over your home – and it’s quite possible that you CAN’T do that either. Let’s talk about vacuum options for those with limitations and/or in their Golden Years. Current […]

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Bad Hands? Best Vacuum and Mop to Use


I have bad hands. Years on the computer have given me some carpal tunnel…. years of golfing and making bows have given me tendonitis in my hands AND in my elbows…and the years in my age have not-so-kindly started adding some beginning touches of arthritis into the mix. Yay…just awesome, right? Simple things like grabbing full grocery bags or pushing a grocery cart can really cause my hands to act up and be, well – pretty much useless. So, I’ve had to adapt and change the way I do things. The biggest triggers that guaranteed […]

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