Best Vacuum Cleaner Winners and Reviews 2018

best vacuum cleaners 2017 reviews consumer reports ratings and winners

“I don’t care if it’s a Shark or a Dyson… I simply don’t want yet ANOTHER vacuum cleaner that sucks…or errrr, doesn’t suck…” That above seems to be the battle-cry for those out there in the wild shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. It’s overwhelming at all the vacuum cleaner choices we have – and all the various price ranges.  Anything for under $100 all the way up into the thousands.  Cray-cray-CRAZY! To help cut through the confusion, I am creating this page for my 2018 Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide, Reviews, and Resources. My #1 […]

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Shark vs Dyson – Which Vacuum is Better? (results)

dyson vs shark best

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners vs Shark Vacuum Cleaners – Can We Finally Get a Winner? Purchasing a top quality vacuum cleaner can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Who wants to spend ALL that money on a vacuum only to find out the vacuum cleaner is a piece of junk? We sure don’t! Just want to know which vacuum WE think is best? ==>> This vacuum cleaner is our winner Since you’re here, you already know how very important it is to do some ‘due diligence’ before choosing between a Shark or Dyson vacuum cleaner. You need to […]

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Best Vacuums for the Elderly

buying a vacuum for the elderly

Vacuuming can be quite a chore for the elderly – especially if arthritis or another medical condition is in the picture.   Whether you are searching for a vacuum for yourself, or for a loved senior citizen, it’s important to keep a lot of things in mind. Let’s face it, when you’re getting up there in years, you don’t want to lug around a heavy vacuum all over your home – and it’s quite possible that you CAN’T do that either. Let’s talk about vacuum options for those with limitations and/or in their Golden Years. Current […]

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Best Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers

Your ability to keep your home allergen free is an ongoing process. Use the tips below for choosing the best vacuums for allergy sufferers as part of your strategy for maximizing your comfort in your home. We’ve also found some of best and top-rated vacuum cleaners for allergies and pet hair and share them below as well. In a hurry? See all Top-Rated Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers Here It’s just fact -you’ll have to vacuum, sometimes several times a week, in order to maximize your ability to make your home comfortable during seasons when your […]

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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner Brands for Wood Floors (and MY Cheap Solution)

best vacuum cleaners for wood floors

I love my wood (and tile) floors, but finding the best vacuum cleaner that is lightweight AND affordable was quite a challenge! Wow, some wood floor vacuum brands are SO expensive! Below I will share what I think are the 4 best wood floor vacuum cleaners – and then I will share my VERY inexpensive solution to keeping my wood floors looking fantastic. TIP: Amazon has a great guide to the current top-rated vacuums for hardwood floors that is super helpful ==>> Read the Wood Floor Vacuum Buying Guide on Amazon Here and don’t forget […]

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3 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200


The current Top 3 Vacuum Cleaners on the market in 2015 that are all under $200. These are all top-rated vacuums with strong consumer reports and ratings deemed best value for your money based on the quality of the vacuum’s performance. [View the story “Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200? These Are!” on Storify]

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Bad Hands? Best Vacuum and Mop to Use


I have bad hands. Years on the computer have given me some carpal tunnel…. years of golfing and making bows have given me tendonitis in my hands AND in my elbows…and the years in my age have not-so-kindly started adding some beginning touches of arthritis into the mix. Yay…just awesome, right? Simple things like grabbing full grocery bags or pushing a grocery cart can really cause my hands to act up and be, well – pretty much useless. So, I’ve had to adapt and change the way I do things. The biggest triggers that guaranteed […]

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Best Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops, and Vacuums for Tile Floors


I’ve talked before about steam mops – even listed out the current top-rated steam mops here – but finding a steam cleaner for tile floors takes a little extra research when looking to buy one. I read a TON of steam cleaner reviews to be sure I was getting not only a high-quality and effective steam cleaning machine, but also one that I could easily use AND was affordable. 2+ years later after buying my steam cleaner, and I am still THRILLED with my decision. I have ceramic tile floors in my kitchen, laundry room, […]

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Electrolux® Oxygen® Bagged Canister Vacuum Reviews


The Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum – Worth The Money? So I was reading what the reviews for the Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged Canister Vacuum are saying and learned a ton. Pretty interesting feedback and ratings! Let’s talk about why this vacuum is one of the leading pieces of equipment in its class. Here you should be able to learn what the features are of it, and also what people have been saying it is good for. This could be the answer to your problems keeping your home clean if your current vacuum doesn’t […]

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews for 2014


If you’re in the market for a new cordless vacuum, you’re in the right place.  Whether it’s a cordless stick vacuum or a cordless handheld vacuum, we’ve got a compilation of reviews of all the best on the market for 2014. If you’re in a hurry…. ==>>  Click here to see all top-rated cordless vacuums   We also did a big, in-depth review of the current Top 5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners here if you’re interested. Otherwise, feel free to browse through all the cordless vac reviews and resources right here on this page.   [View […]

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